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miss Essay

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  • on December 12, 2008
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How far do you agree that the attitude of the British towards Nazi Germany to 1938 was no different form their attitude towards Weimar Germany?

One of the main attitudes of most people in great Britain in the 1920’s towards Germany was they didn’t really think of Germany let alone care about it. One of the reasons they didn’t worry was Germany was disarmed and no threat to the balance of power. The British had much greater worries at home. Many feared for their jobs as the economy remained weak throughout the 1920’s. If the British public were interested at all in foreign affairs it was only in terms of ways and means of trying to avoid another WW1. The massive losses of WW1 were the obvious reason for this anti-war feeling.
British politicians believed even when the balance of power was not threatened they never completely ignored Europe and there has always been some interest and connection there. As far British policies were concerned the initial worries that Lloyd George had in 1919 that Germany was being treated too harshly at Versailles began to spread to most leading policies. There was some feeling that in the long term Germany had always been the ally and France the enemy. But there was an increasing feeling that Germany had been harshly treated at Versailles. In Lloyd George’s ‘war memoirs’ he even blamed the British liberal foreign secretary, lord grey, to some extent for allowing Britain to drift into war and not giving Germany a firm warning that GB might get involved. There was also an increasing feeling that the ‘new’ Germany was behaving itself and should not pay for the sins of the old Germany. After all, the Kaiser had fled, Germany was now a republic and the Old Prussian military machine had been dismantled. All the prime ministers of this period showed some sympathy for Germany. For example Austen chamberlain began by being very in favour of France but ended with much sympathy toward Germany.
This shows that the British public and...

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