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Miss Essay

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  • on March 5, 2011
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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

At the Birmingham REP theatre

An adventure to a magical land!
Based on the novel by C.S Lewis, Dramatised by Adrian Mitchell

  This pantomime is a journey to a mystical world, where winter has fallen upon forever. As four children discover an enchanted wardrobe, they see things they never dreamed of. This spectacular parallel universe is known as- Narnia. It is a magical fairytale land, full of talking woodland animals and mythological creatures. The REP’s lion is a roaring success with Louis Decosta Johnson, whilst Moyo Omoniyi fills the stage as the evil White witch and cackles to craziness. This made me get carried away with the monumental battle of good versus evil!
      However, the dramatic and stage techniques in this play are extremely incredible! It is phenomenal how characters; deepen their voices with such ease, and the way they use their bodies, for example; a dwarf, bends his back and speaks squeakily, that is both of the techniques! At this part of the production, my eyes were completely transfixed! With a crisp white set and revolving staircases, the stage is as good as gold- (but white)
    Conversely, there are a few comic moments that arise in the play; there’s one point when the children were asked what they did that day, and Edmund replied ‘ I was being stupid’, which brought enthusiastic cheers from the audience.
  However, the different places and locations were indicated clearly, for example; when the scene was showing winter there was a white background, with snow and projected images of a frosty, cold day. There are also many special effects, one of which is a trap door, where actors can go through, to show the magic of disappearing. By this, many people were mesmerised. I didn’t find this so effective, but I could tell by looking at younger children’s faces that they were really surprised at what ‘magic’ had just happened.
    Later on in the show, there are great glimpses of still...

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