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MLB instant Replay Essay

  • Submitted by: billybob692000
  • on December 9, 2008
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In major league baseball, close calls made by the umpire cannot be replayed on the big screen at the games and cannot be reviewed using instant replay because the umpires might be harassed for making a bad call.   The rule that bans the replay of close calls at baseball parks, and the lack of instant replay degrades the value of going to the game.   It degrades the value of going to the game because now people don’t get to see if the call was a good call or a bad one.   Second in most other sports the replay is used to help remove human error and make sure the call is right on every close play.   The last reason is that when a play is close and un-reviewed it leaves the fans without closure, the fans of the winning side are left unsure of the win, and leaves the losing side feeling cheated.
This rule was brought about by the umpire’s union to try to take some of the heat off of the umpire that makes a bad call.   I feel it is the right of the fans to give a hard time to the umpire when he makes a bad call.   The city or club whoever paid for the stadium paid good money for those jumbo-trons and that’s what they are there for.
It degrades the value of going to the game by not letting people at the game review the close calls and let them get a second look.   The technology is already available at the stadium for that use anyway so there would be no extra cost incurred by the stadium to use the technology.
In other sports such as football they have been progressive with instant replay; gradually implementing it into the game where now they use it to correct calls made on the play so that it takes out the effect of referee error.   In baseball they could use it to at first just as a luxury for the crowd and then work its way into actual instant replay for the officials to use in games to review close calls.   This would eliminate most of the human error in the game.   It is also used in basketball, hockey, and even college football uses the technology for their games....

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