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Mobile Ksf Essay

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1. Technology
The smartphone is intended to be features rich to help the users in various ways. One of the important features is to be GPS enabled to help users in navigating their ways. Expertise in this particular technology is a key success factor in the industry due to the high demand for GPS enabled smartphone. It is found that thirty percent of European online consumers with mobile phones are interested in using mobile GPS/navigation services , and the number of GPS-enabled smartphone users should grow to 700 million worldwide by 2013.   Therefore, it is essential to have a GPS feature that is effective and user-friendly.
With the increasing pace of life, the use of internet to get information is expanding. There is a 362.3% growth in the number of users in 2009 as compared to 2000.   Not only do these internet users want the information, they want it fast too. There is a need for people to read urgent emails, looked up stuff on the mobile web, create word documents, etc, all on the go. Thus, the technology to get people connected wirelessly and allowing them to access the mobile web instantly is an important factor to succeed.

2. Skill and capability is a key success factor because
In this competitive smartphone environment, in order to retain/expand the market share, it is necessary for smartphone manufacturers to continuously improve their product. According to Verkasalo, "due to the increasing processing power and more sophisticated sensor capabilities of today's smartphones, various kinds of next generation mobile and web applications can be built that are context sensitive, capable of learning and real-time by nature".   Hence, a talented and skilful workforce, with product innovation capabilities, is required to constantly develop the smartphone.

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