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Modern Day Politicians Essay

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Modern day politicians
The qualities of a good prince
Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote his story “The Qualities of the Prince” in the year 1513, back when the land was ruled by the richest family or the noblest of the nobles. Machiavelli was the first to really come out and say that there are a few qualities, frowned upon by many, that one must have in order to maintain that position of power and leadership. Even though Machiavelli was referring to his era of government, some of his ideas are still legitimate in comparison to our politicians today.
According to Machiavelli war was one of the biggest things in that day. If you weren’t knowledgeable and practiced in the art of war you couldn’t lead and protect your people, let alone keep any respect or
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authority. In today’s politics and government even the thought of war causes panic. War and fighting is used as a last resort but that doesn’t stop us from being well prepared for war as Machiavelli suggested. As far as we know each country has nuclear missiles, bombs, and weapons of mass destruction waiting in case they are engaged in fighting. The U.S keeps as many soldiers as possible ready for the go ahead. We all are aware of the wars going on right now, but even in times of peace all leaders are prepared for the possibility of war.
In Machiavelli’s work, he claims that one in position of power, in everything they do will either be praised or blamed. That’s still the way things work now to a certain extent, for example say if the president was to raise taxes there would be a percentage of the people who praise him for the help going towards schools, roads, research and cures, so on and so forth but then there will be others who will blame and hold the decision maker responsible for robbing them or their hard earned money. Another recent example is the stimulus checks distributed by president Obama. Some of the people praise him for the extra money, helping pay off debts,...

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