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Modern Day Slavery Essay

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Below is an essay on "Modern Day Slavery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

All over Asia children are victims of forced labor, and are sometimes sold off by their own families or even kidnapped from their homes. The children are most likely put into sex-rings or forced to do harsh labor in factories with very poor conditions. In the case of debt bondage masters are given complete control over their workers and girls and women are often subject to rape.
    In some cases families sell their children to men who claim to be employment agents that tell the parents the children will live better lives in the city and that the parents can go visit their children anytime, this however is a lie. Many girls are trafficked into India from countries like Nepal and kept as sex slaves and domestic workers. The boys may be sent to factories with extremely poor living conditions and may be forced to work up to 16 hours a day.
As a result of China's vigorous anti-crime campaigns, the RTL has particularly targeted drug users and prostitutes. In addition, thousands of people are arrested for religious activities, political dissidence, and labor activism. Sentences are not imposed by the People's Court but by an administrative arm of the government. Women and men, young and old, are sent to prison without trial.
They may be forced to work over 16 hours a day even sometimes through the night. The prisoners assemble batteries, garments, and other products. Inmates frequently cough up blood or collapse from exhaustion. Fumes damage their lungs and the powerful lighting sometimes causes blindness. Nearby, there might be a man or woman handcuffed to a railing, feet barely touching the ground made as an example of a slow worker.
Sanitation in RTL facilities is lax, and disease is rampant. Inmates who have been working with toxic battery materials are often not allowed to wash their hands before meals. And the amount of food they receive - usually dirty vegetables and undercooked rice - is based on the completion of the day's quotas. Furthermore, those who...

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