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modern fiance Essay

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Below is an essay on "modern fiance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) become more powerful computers and merge with wireless technology, new means are necessary to ensure security of such devices as well as the enterprise network they are participating in. Not all traditional security concepts known from workstations today apply equally to mobile devices. Besides technological topics also some organizational issues need to be addressed when preparing for security concepts in the mobile working world. This whitepaper discusses some of these issues as well as the current state of technology in that area.

Marketing suggest us that a new era of mobility has just begun. So called Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) have been sold in the millions over the past few years. Together with other mobile technologies like notebooks, mobile phones, wireless LAN, Bluetooth etc. they definitely increase the possibilities for locations and situations where we can access computing power and digital information. PDAs started to become successful by being privately owned and controlled devices of managers and early adopters to manage their personal information. Applications like calendar, address book, notes, calculator etc. are already built-in. Others like fair- and restaurant-guides, dictionaries, MP3 players etc. followed and made the devices more successful and attractive as their possibilities increased. PDAs meanwhile can have storage capacities of several hundred megabytes, and offer full fledged network access to the Internet or a local company LAN. This causes some IT managers a headache. Current IT security concepts often address only "traditional" systems like servers, workstations and the network. Furthermore, controlling privately owned computational devices may also be a difficult organisational and political issue, but still needs to be addressed.

Even if a PDA is (currently) only used for personal information management and independent of whether it is privately owned or not, it requires a...

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