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Modern Gaming Jargon Essay

  • Submitted by: sexyrhodent88
  • on February 24, 2011
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Jargon of the Modern Gaming Community
Sports, professions and hobbies all have their own jargon. Jargon eases communication by providing new terms that express ideas frequently discussed by the different members of a group. For many, jargon amongst professionals and hobbyists can create a sense of solidarity amongst those that practice the sacred terminology of their group. The jargon of the modern gaming community is an incredibly diverse and ever changing language.
The members of the modern gaming community are primarily those that play video-games. Video-games are played by the young and old, boys and girls; the players’ participation can range from casual time-wasting, to professional gamers. The history of the modern gaming community and the terminology it has created dates as far back as the mid 1970’s. The tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, first released in 1974, was the catalyst that launched the original gaming community into the public eye. Players of the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons used nothing but their imaginations, pencils, and a rule book written by Gary Gygax to play. As Dungeons & Dragons grew in popularity, it went through many different editions of rulebooks and supplemental materials, such as the Monster Manual. The term “gamer” was first used prolifically during this early stage. “Gamer” refers to anyone that plays any type of video-game or table-top game. The players of Dungeons & Dragons started building up a language that was used between the gamers, and that would sometimes find its way into common conversation. The jargon of these early gaming communities consisted primarily of normal English words, such as “boss,” “minions,” that were used to discuss the classification of the mythical creatures one would battle in Dungeons & Dragons. As video-games become more complex, and able to combine complex graphics, powerful software and elegant interfaces, the basics of table-top games were used as the...

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