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Modern Medical Science Change People'S Life Essay

  • Submitted by: nisgponiw
  • on November 1, 2009
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Modern Medical Science Change People’s Life
Seeing myself without contact lenses and glasses is my dream, and modern medical science has enabled that dream to become true. Dr. Manrique, founder of Manrique Custom Vision Center, helped me make my decision to get Lasik surgery.
All laser surgery works by removing a part of the cornea so that the eye is the correct shape to allow light to be focused in just the right spot on the retina. What I found out about the procedure, is that they use a mild pain-killer applied to the cornea. After a short time, the patient opens their eye wide so the doctor can tape the eyelids wide open. After that he uses a device called a speculum to keep the eyelids apart. A small, almost invisible mark, is made on the cornea, and the automatic laser device uses this to track the correct movements. Then a flap of the cornea is opened, using either a kerotome or a laser.
Not everyone is suitable for laser surgery. Some conditions, like glaucoma, may not suitable, or the patient may not have stable vision for a reasonable time. Finally, the surgeon needs to calculate how much cornea material needs to be removed to achieve the correct focus. Like any surgery procedure, it has side-effects. For the first 24 to 48 hours, although rare side effects, may include glare, seeing halos, around images, difficulty driving at night, fluctuating vision, dry eyes, and flap loss.
I also find out that only a few people go back to having their original prescription. If a person goes back to his or her original prescription, it is usually, and usually only affects “the reading vision.” The laser surgery is good for 10 years. After that natural aging effects kick in.
I asked the doctor if it is possible to have “Lasik Surgery” even if you have in the past had radial keratotomy and cataract surgery, and he told me it is possible. I asked to if there is a specific age to get a “Lasik Surgery”. He told me there is...

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