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Modern Technology As It Concerns Employment Essay

  • Submitted by: deadsexy
  • on December 4, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Social Capital and Employment
The implications of modern technology on society are numerous. This paper will focus specifically on how popular social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and more,   affect social capital as it concerns employment and will give additional information about how the internet is used to pre-screen prospective employees. Jon Witt’s essay “A Hamburger Is a Miracle” is helpful when defining social capital and analyzing what affects it and what its effects are on people as it concerns employment. Social capital can be broken into different parts and defined, but a general definition, quoted from Putnam in Jon Witt’s essay “A Hamburger is a Miracle”, states that “social capital refers to the interdependent networks, shared sense of how to act, and trust we have in each other that help us achieve mutual goals.” In simpler terms, social capital is the connections and relationships that people make that contribute to society through things like tolerance of others, civic engagement, and more.
Social networking websites relate to social capital in the sense that they aid in the building and maintaining of relationships and connections between others. In relation to the topic of this paper, social networking websites give opportunities to people to find potential employers or for employers to find them and make connections. These connections can lead to an individual getting or not getting a job, and contributing to society. Modern technology has a direct effect on social capital by affecting employment, a critical function of society. Social networking websites and information on the internet about individuals can provide both advantages and disadvantages to people who are seeking employment.  
Knowing that there are both advantages and disadvantages of having a profile on a social networking website has caused some people to put more thought into what information they make available to others through their profiles....

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