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Modernization And Depency Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: normima
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Modernization Theory and Dependency Theory
We live in a highly integrated society where some countries are more technologically and economically advanced. However, there are others that are not modern as they are poor, lack democratic institutions, and heavily dependent on modern countries. There are several reasons why this happens. However, there are two competing theories, Modernization and Dependency that describe the relationship between countries in terms of their development. I will first look at modernization theory, then dependency, how they are similar and different, and what influence both have on the development of the Third World.
      Modernization theory was founded on the belief that in order for countries to developed properly after 2nd World War. They had to emulate the industrialized capitalistic societies, as they were more advanced and had experienced impressive economic prosperity. The theory perpetuates that a country's success will be based on whether it follows the concept of market economy and use its resources properly. Modernization theory supporters argue that, in the past, the whole world was impoverished until new technology enhanced human productivity and raised living standards. Asserting that underdeveloped countries that allow subsistence farming promote self-sufficiency, and village values are considered traditional and backward. Traditionalism supposedly hinders modernization as they challenge new emerging views (Payne and Nassar, 110). The goal of any developing nation should be to modernize and become more Western. To be westernized is to be modernized. According to Payne and Nassar “modernization theory holds that that developing societies would have to change; adopt Western technology, economics, and political institutions; and create a climate that would attract foreign investment for industrialization” (Payne and Nassar, 112). Modernization theory is promoting that if countries want modernize they must encourage...

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