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Moldable Minds Or Not? Essay

  • Submitted by: agapflfw12
  • on March 11, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Moldable Minds Or Not?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Moldable Minds or Not?
            The idea of socially accepting the influences of the media when it comes to horror and brutalization is a widely argued topic.   Some see it as promoting violence and instilling in young minds that which should never be there, while others view this industry simply as entertainment.   No matter what one's opinion may be, it is clear that everyone certainly has one.  
            People often like to point out that those movies such as the Hannibal Lector series or the Saw trilogy give the real killers in the world all their best ideas.   Those same people will also argue that it is these movies and the availability to them, allows these real killers the personal freedom to do what they please.   People are of the opinion that the media gives free reign to these sick people when there is a new horror film every month.   However, many others recognize that this form of entertainment, which is all it is, cannot create a desire that is not already there.   It takes a very strong willed and seriously deranged person to take a life, but to actually enjoy it, and enjoy it so much that they do it again several more times, a movie cannot create that kind of passion.   Something, which has nothing to do with the media, is affecting these unfortunate people.   And while I do agree that some movies can promote violence, I do not agree that the horror film industry creates or enhances the craving a serial killer feels when he or she wants to take a human life, because at he end of the movie, people with a fully functioning thought process, able to distinguish between right and wrong know that what he or she has just seen was all a production meant only to entertain.  
            Those who believe in the influence of the media aren't entirely wrong. As stated before, I also agree that some movies promote violence, and that is why there is an age requirement so that young minds, that are more easily changed and influenced, are not able to...

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