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Monkey King Essay

  • Submitted by: aaaaaaa
  • on March 2, 2011
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Hello! And welcome to my essay. This essay is about the book we read in school that is called Magical Monkey King: Mischief In Heaven. The paragraphs in this essay are about if I wanted the Magnificent Monkey King to be my leader. Enjoy! I would like monkey to be my leader because he is intelligent. Well, part of it is because he was sent from heaven. Another example for his intelligence is that when master Subhodi slapped him on the head three times and then put his arms behind his back monkey figured out that it was a secret message. That’s a reason I would want monkey as my leader.
Another reason I would want monkey as my leader is because of his bravery. He was brave enough to fight a demon, turn tricks during master Subhodi’s class about learning how to be immortal. Sometimes his bravery doesn’t end up so well. The last time he pulled a trick in class he got kicked out and sent back to the cave where all the monkeys were; but anyway it’s good to have a brave leader.
Another reason is that he is very generous. Usually his risky actions are for his monkey people to be safe. Like he went to Master Subhodi to learn how to be immortal, but he also did it for his monkeys to also live forever. Because if you could live forever you would want some friends with you, right? He also fought his monkey people when the demon was terrorizing the monkey cave and stealing monkeys. That is a reasoni would want Monkey King to be my leader.
Those are three reasons I would want Monkey as my leader. Monkey is a very responsible, generous and intelligent.

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