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monomyth pattern of separation Essay

  • Submitted by: baseballkboy
  • on December 9, 2008
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Hercules is a great hero that follows the Monomyth Pattern of Separation, Initiation, and Return.   Hercules’ call to adventure is trying to accomplish the twelve labors in order to gain redemption for killing his wife and kids.   Hera, his greatest enemy, is the threshold struggle that is trying to stop Hercules from accomplishing his tasks.   “Hera used her supernatural force against him with terrible effect and in the end was killed by magic.” The journey Hercules embarks on is a quest to complete the twelve labors Eurystheus gave to him as penance.   Palas Athena being a god, who favors Greece, assists Hercules in his journey to drive away the Stymphalian birds making her a helper.   Hercules receives a treasure, but it is not a physical treasure.   “After his mighty labors he has rest. His choicest prize eternal peace.”   Last he receives he goes through a transformation, which is in heaven where he is reconciled to Hera and married her daughter Hebe.

Perseus is a great hero that follows the Monomyth Pattern of Separation, Initiation, and Return.   Perseus’ call to adventure is that he must go and kill the Gorgons.   His greatest enemy is Medusa because he must kill her and bring her head back as a gift for Polydectes. “He would go off and kill Medusa and bring her head back as a gift.”   Perseus’ journey includes finding out here the Gorgons live, killing the Gorgons, and returning home with Medusa’s head.   Athena assists Perseus by giving him a shield, Hermes assists him by giving him a sword, and h receives a hat that makes him invisible, a wallet that becomes the right size for whatever he carries in it, and winged sandals to make him super fast.   After he accomplishes his task of killing Medusa, he brings home the treasure of Medusa’s head which he brings back to his community as a wedding gift for Polydectes.   Perseus goes through a transformation, but it is not the usual transformation. He returns home and something bad ends up happening.   Perseus is...

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