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moon bear Essay

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Moon bear, is an Asiatic species of medium sized bear with a distinctive white or cream
"V" marking on its chest.

Physical characteristics

The Asian black bear is intermediate in size between the sloth bear and the sun bear.
It grows to approximately 130 to 190 cm (4¼ to 6¼ ft) in length. Males weigh between
100 and 218 kg (220 to 480 lb) and females weigh between 50 to 125 kg (110 to 275 lb).
The tail is 4.4 inches long.[5] Its neck is remarkably thick and its ears large for its
size. The claws however are comparatively weak.

Range and habitat

The Asian Black Bear has a wide distribution range spanning from the east to west of
the Asian continent. This bear can be found in the forests of hilly and mountainous
areas in East Asia and South Asia, including South Korea, North Korea, Iran. Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, northern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos,
southern Siberia in Russia, northeastern China, Taiwan, and Japan. It can be found in
areas with elevations as high as 4,700 m (13,776 ft), but in lower lands as well. In some
parts of its range, the Asian Black Bear shares its habitat with the larger and stronger
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos). However, the smaller black bear has an advantage over its
competitor: its climbing skills which help it reach for fruit and nuts in the trees.
Asian Black Bears share Giant Panda habitat in China's Wolong Reserve, where they feed
occasionally, among other things, on bamboo, which is their more specialized relatives'
favorite food. The subspecies of the Asian Black Bear that is found in Taiwan is the
Formosan Black Bear


The Asian Black Bear is an omnivore which consumes a great variety of foods and are
opportunistic and seasonal in diet. In fall, they fatten themselves on acorns, chestnuts,
walnuts, and other fat-rich resources. They climb trees to get these foods, as well as
picking them from the forest floor. In the spring, new plant growth...

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