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Moor's Last Sigh Essay

  • Submitted by: HoIIowTips
  • on December 16, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Moor's Last Sigh" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A mother in the eye of a person may be nurture; another person may see a mother as a protector while one may see a mother as a warrior, fighting to secure her place in society. Different people may see a mother through different eyes however, one thing is certain and that is that without the mother, life would not exist. The mother is the only person capable of bearing children and the child is usually very precious to the woman as the bond between the child and the mother start as soon as the egg is fertilized. As precious as a child may seem, a jewel is valued more than a child in the eyes of Flory (Abraham’s mother), which is what makes this passage so powerful.

Passage: Abraham swallowed his pride and came a-begging, which in itself told Flory all she needed to know about the strength of her hand. He had made a boast he could not make good; spinning straw-into-gold, that kind of old-time stuff, and was too proud to admit his failure to his in-laws, to tell them they must mortage or sell of their great estate. They gave you your head Abie, and see, here it is on a plate. She made him wait a little, but not too long; then agreed. Capital needed? Jewels from an old box? Then OK, he could take. All speeches of gratitude, explanations of temporary cash-flow problems, disquisitions upon the especially persuasive properties of jewels when sailors are being are being requested to take their lives, all offers of interest and pecuniary profit were waved away. ‘Jewels I am giving,’ Flory Zogoiby said. ‘A greater jewel must be my reward.’
Her son failed to grasp her meaning. Certainly, he radiantly vowed, she would receive full recompense for her loan, once their ship came in; and if she preferred to receive her share in the form of emeralds, then she would undertake to select the finest stones. Thus he babbled; but he had entered darker waters than he knew, and beyond them lay a black forest in which in a clearing, a little manikin danced, singing Rumpelstiltskin is...

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