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Motivation in the Workforce Essay

  • Submitted by: shinysuitman225
  • on December 9, 2008
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Motivation in the Workforce     3
Motivational tactics play an extremely important role in the productivity of today’s work force.   Increasing employee satisfaction is a main goal of almost any major organization, which is why so many organizations focus so much time and energy on developing solid motivational programs.   There are many different theorists that have laid the groundwork for promotional and rewards programs employers offer today.   McGregor, Herzburg, Maslow, and McClellan make up the core group of theorists that have made a significant contribution towards the motivational tactics used by modern day organizations.
Douglas McGregor (2005) believed that managers had two main view points of how to effectively motivate their staff to achieve maximum potential.   He broke it down into two theories, one positive and one negative view of how employees viewed work, and called them “Theory X” and “Theory Y”.   In “Theory X”, McGregor (2005) stated that people generally did not like to work, and will attempt to slack whenever possible.   To combat this lackadaisical view, managers must urge on their employees to work, and in addition, control and threaten them with punishment to ensure the task is accomplished (Judge & Robbins, 2008).   McGregor (2005) also believed that most employees would not assume responsibility for their work, and would seek guidance from management whenever possible.   In my own personal working experience, I have dealt with a “Theory X” type manager and it was not a positive experience to say the least.   The general manager at the dealership I currently work at would definitely be considered a “Theory X” type manager.   He is overly involved in just about every aspect of the daily activities, from the sales department to the service department.   The advantage of a “Theory X” type manager in this case is that he is always going to pay attention to detail, and he will see to it that task is accomplished exactly how he envisions it.   The...

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