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Movie Review

  • Submitted by: bedwards3
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Analysis of the movie Big
The movie BIG staring Tom Hanks portrays the normal adolescent desire to be ‘Big’. The main character Joshua held the typical adolescent’s belief that if he was only bigger or older life would be better, simpler, and more fun. There were several situations throughout the movie that were ‘storybook’ situations adolescents endure.  
Joshua was at an early stage in adolescents where he wants to be grown up however, acts very immature. Joshua and his friend play childish games and sings childish songs when they are together. In front of others they want to appear mature. This is a difficult stage of transition. In one scene the presence of his parents place him in an embarrassing situation. This is a very common behavior for a child of his age. A parent is needed for security, nurturing, and support however; the adolescent does not want to recognize these needs. They are fearful the presence of their parents will represent immaturity. Adolescents’ need their parent but, often prefer they stay at a safe distance. It is important for parents to understand this stage as a normal process. The parent is not being rejected. The child is attempting to establish their independence and their own identity.
Joshua was at a stage in life was he experiencing hormone changes. He was noticing the opposite sex and curious about the female body. He had a crush on a peer however, struggled with how to handle his new found feelings. Joshua noticed another boy who was only a few years older then him who seemed grown up. This older more mature appearing peer was also noticed by his ‘dream girl’. This recognition caused Joshua to feel inferior due to his less mature stature.   Girls often develop and grow at an earlier age then boys. This leave the boy feeling something is wrong with them. In boys their hormones seem to develop at a faster rate then their body size Joshua like most boys his age failed to understand that he too, will be at that...

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