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Movies Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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Kracauer uses the method of seeing and analyzing when writing about film. He believes if you employ different recording functions, that meaning will come out of the film in different ways. Film reveals reality in it’s own way. He says “the cinema does not simply imitate and continue the ancient gladiator fights or the Grand Guignol but adds something new and momentous: it insists on rendering visible what is commonly drowned in inner agitation.” Andre Bazin feels slightly the same way when it comes to film and reality. He states “ image is the object itself, the object freed from the conditions of time and space that govern it. No matter how fuzzy, distorted, or discolored, no matter how lacking in documentary value the image may be, it shares, by virtue of the very process of its becoming”. Both ways of thinking about reality and its effects on film point to the person behind the camera enhancing what we know to be real.

We see that the camera lens is the piece of the process of films that is not embellishing what it sees. As filmmakers and viewers of film we want something unique and interesting to watch. We want something that will stimulate us emotionally be it is positively or negatively. One constant example of this enhancement of reality is the content of the TV news. When watching the segments we are constantly flashed stories that are most of the time real, but are being enhanced to over exaggerate a situation to stimulate us emotionally and keep us watching. This is seen with films of every type of cinema.

The readings play around and around with why film must transform or enhance events that are real. Why is it that we as viewers don’t sit and watch hours and hours of stock footage? Bazin sates that “The faithful reproduction of reality is not art.” It is nothing special from what one can see everyday if they just look around. The content of film must be enhanced in order to make things more interesting to the viewer so that they engage...

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