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Movies In The World Essay

  • Submitted by: ieatchickens05
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Ordinary Day

Who knew a little convenience store could be so full of drama! When I first started working at White Hen, everyone seemed to get along, but boy was I wrong. Every week a cashier was fighting with a deli slicer, the deli slicer was hooking up with the assistant manager, the assistant manager was spreading rumors about the cashiers. It was an endless circle of madness! Some how, I managed to be on good terms with everyone, maybe because I mostly kept to myself and kept my mouth shut.
May 23, 2007 was no different then any other day.   Maryann, the assistant manger, was busy talking on the phone, while newly hired 18 year cashier, Kristi and me leaned on the counter at the front of the worn counter, staring lazily out the large windows that made up the front of the store. I sighed quietly as I stood up and stretched my arms. Kristi didn’t even glance her perfect blue eyes in my direction, her attention was now focused on her hideously green colored White Hen shirt.
“ Kristi, can you at least try to be productive when I’m around?”
I turned around   to see Maryann shaking her bushy head, hands faced firmly on her hips. With a groan, Kristi pulled herself up and slowly walked to the adjacent sink. She grabbed a fist full of paper towels and a Windex bottle and headed to the front windows. I couldn’t help but smile at Kristi’s lack of work ethic.
The bell rang, breaking me from my musing and notifying me of a customers arrival. Smile still planted on my face, I turned to greet the customer.
“ Good Afternoon, how’s it going?”
My smile wavered slightly when I looked up to see who I was talking to. I was faced with a very tall, bulky man. His lips were formed in a straight and even line as he threw a pack of gum on the counter.
“Can I get you anything else today?”
The man again refused to answer me as I continued to stare at his face. My eyes fixated on a large mole neatly placed at the corner of his eye and his caramel skin was blotchy. “...

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