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Mr Essay

  • Submitted by: Ozer Khalid
  • on December 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 538 words

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A Debauched Conscience

By Ozer Khalid

Dastardly carnage and ghoulish bomb blasts are rocking the spine of a global conscience leaving countless dead in their ghastly wake. Traffic-free are the roads. Trepidation-fuelled are the minds. Terror-filled are the hearts. Lip-service aberrantly falters to deter unambiguous universal anger. Gaudy neon lights are dimmed. Rattled citizens are house-bound. Cops at checkpoints rake a discerning gaze into automobiles with a flashlight fever as fear strappingly grips cities paralyzed with panic.

Festivities with their flickering candles take a sobering thump as the citizenry are interposed with panic-stricken dyslexia. Qualms as an MTV generation bumps and grinds to a halt. Ditched-daters, gold-diggers, code-coolies and their flamboyant flashiness as fickle as fashion are up in flames. Would-be revelers stop pimping a ride, massaging their pride. Cosmetic silicone bimbettes get a nauseating nip and a titillating tuck to find that wealthy wallets wonder toward them no more.

Fright spreads toward a hitherto unseen hinterland. Political puppets parade with poignant prudence. Their pretentious word-stringing is disingenuous even for the most hollowed of heathens. Apocalypse dawns as civilians heed Orwellian governments` caveat to dwell within safer sanctuaries. Even their leafy gladded gardens and ivory towers will cataclysmically collapse.

Suicide bombers spill their guts for spurious sexual sanctity. Bloodstained streets with mangled bodies of innocent mothers menacingly spread on global ground. Tributaries of blood blemish in terror-stricken times. Explosive devices are planted to dissect humans. Lock stock and millions of oil barrels.

Scientists stumble. Forensics fumble. Technology tumbles. Our environment crumbles. Opinion polls jumble. Politicians mumble. Pseudo-intellectuals probe minutely to plausibly explain this post-modern pastiche. Their “iron-clad solutions” are as solid as the withering wind which...

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