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Mr. Hbcu Essay

  • Submitted by: sdinkins
  • on February 25, 2011
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“America is essentially a dream…”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

      “We sometimes end up catching the shadows instead of the form;
      of seeing the void instead of the shoreline.”
      Soren Kierkegaard


      Civilizations and nations are founded in dreams. Prophecies were told in dreams. The gods of old awakened kings in their slumber.

      Honorable Board of Judges, Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen…

      All men can be heroes in their dreams, as the great Freud once said. After all, these are what dreams are for. But dreams can only come in our mind’s darkness; and the greatest lie of all can happen when men, reasonable men, are trapped in their dark illusions; when heroic people born with courage to effect change are hiding behind the veils of a safe coma. But why do we choose to remain in our sleep? Young people of this great American nation hear my call: why do we hide in our darkness?

      Today, I do not need the right to be a god to awake you from your slumber and pull you out from the safety of your illusions. All across the country right this very hour, black communities are held responsible for 37% of crimes and illegal drugs. Our brethren are living in 25% substantial poverty, and 70% of us here today have single mothers while we record a 50% dropout rate. Tell me, where is now the dream? Where is the heroism? Is the dream finally becoming a coma where we all can sleep in tranquility with anaesthesia? Look around you, this sleepwalking is over! This safe coma has to end! While we sleep, we have failed to witness the breakdown of our dear families and bedrock communities, and 44% of our young people are either pregnant or behind bars!

      My people, my comrades in reason and in faith, we are entangled in the seeming beauty of our illusions and we seek the pleasure to stay inside them ad...

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