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Mr.Hu Essay

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Module Tutor: Shona Grogan and Kristel Miller

Assessment Coursework: Management report 2500 words (excluding abstract and reference page)

Weighting 100%

Submission date: Tuesday 10th January 2012

Learning outcomes:
  1. Assess the role and impact of various stakeholders within organisational contexts;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of critical factors influencing organisational performance.

Using the attached case study John Lewis Partnership prepare a management report of 2500 words which covers the following:
  1. Justify why managing stakeholders is important to organisations. Identify John Lewis’s primary stakeholders and suggest and justify a scale of interest and importance among them regarding Mayfield’s plan to replace the 25 existing call centres with two. Apply Johnson and Scholes (1999) power and interest matrix.
  2. Apply Maslow’s model of motivation to assess what employee needs are being met through working at John Lewis. Use evidence from the case to support your choice.
  3. Apply Lewin’s Force Field analysis to the decision to replace the 25 existing call centres with two and suggest and justify with reference to academic literature how Mayfield should manage the change.

  Each question carries equal marks.
  It is also expected that you would apply relevant theory where applicable.

Additional instructions:
Format: Report should be in business report format, word processed in 12 point Arial and double-spaced.
References must be accurately cited within the body of the report and properly listed in a separate reference page in Harvard Style.
Word count must be recorded on front page of report.
Cover sheet: Report is identified by securing to it the regulation cover sheet, correctly completed and signed, and posted in the boxes outside room 2008.*
An electronic copy of the work is to be submitted through Blackboard WebCT- “Submit Your Assignment Here”.
*If you are sending your coursework by post, please...

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