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multimedia transmission Essay

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Below is an essay on "multimedia transmission" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The paper is a elucidation of routing algorithm that are used in internal connection
networks of multi-processor and multi-computers systems. The paper presents a group of
routing algorithms such as adaptive and deterministic routing algorithms.
Some key terms defined from the characteristic of routing algorithms are discussed
such as connectivity (packet routing capability). Adaptively (ability to send packets from
different routes), dead lock and live lock freedom (assurance that packet won’t wander in
network), fault tolerance (correct packet routing). The paper describes a group of routing
algorithms based on various criterions, and review so-called category. The adaptive and
deterministic routing algorithms and express circular model applying in internal
connections networks and its governing rules in order to prevent dead lock.. A survey of
adaptive algorithms such as deflection routing, Odd-Even, negative-first, north-last, westfirst
and the review routing algorithms like backtracking Protocols, and deflection
The routing algorithms are categorized on the basis of various criterions. The grouping
algorithms are grouped in regard to destination numbers such as unicast routing and
multicast routing, they are also grouped on the basis on decision making like central
routing and distribute routing. Routing algorithms may also be grouped on the basis of
table look Ups resulting in adaptive and deterministic grouping. Adaptive algorithms (
which use traffic data or channel state for routing). The adaptive routing is further
classified into progressive and backtracking algorithm depending on the progressing
way. Backtracking algorithms are mainly used designing routing algorithms with fault
tolerance capability. We can categorize routing algorithms into profitable and misrouting
groups based on minimization. They are also grouped on account of route...

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