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Multiple Intelligences Essay

  • Submitted by: dkindred
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: English
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Donna Kindred
Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment
  1. Linguistic Intelligence: The capacity to use language to express what’s on your mind and understand others (“word smart”). I can hear words in my head before I say or write them.
I enjoy reading. I’d rather listen to the radio than watch TV.3

  2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: The capacity to understand cause/effect relationships and to manipulate numbers (“number/reasoning smart”) I like it when things can be counted or analyzed. I can easily find logical flaws in what others do or say.2

  3. Spatial Intelligence: The capacity to represent the world visually or graphically (“picture smart”)I can picture what something will look like before it’s finished. 1

  4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: The capacity to use your whole body or parts of it to solve a problem, make something, or put on a production ( body smart) I get fidgety (tap my foot, etc.) when asked to sit for long periods of time. I like to think through things while I’m doing something else like running or walking. I need to practice a skill in order to learn it rather than just reading or watching a video about it. I’m a well coordinated person. 4

  5. Musical Intelligence: The capacity to think in music, hear patterns and recognize, remember, and perhaps manipulate them ( music smart) I often hear music in my head. I like music playing while I’m doing things.2

  6. Interpersonal Intelligence: The capacity to understand other people ( people smart) Others think of me as a leader. I have several close friends. I’m the sort of person others come to for advice about their problems. I enjoy the challenge of teaching others something I like to do. 4

  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence: The capacity to understand yourself, who you are, and what you can do ( self-smart) I like to spend time alone thinking about important questions in life. I have invested time in learning more about myself. I consider myself to be...

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