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Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: hpcrhtsa11
  • on November 19, 2009
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The lamentation, Attributed to Quentin Massys, (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) c. 1520, illustrates the mourning of the body of Christ after His crucifixion. His followers surround His body in grief and His followers seem to express heavy emotion in this painting. His surrounding followers hover around Him after He has been taken down from the cross. The Virgin Mary is in this scene supporting His head with the Apostle John assisting her as well. The weeping lady at Christ’s feet is Mary Magdalene. It is clear the woman is Mary Magdalene due to her long hair and opened container of ointment that rests in front of His feet. It is clear this figure is Mary Magdalene because in the gospel of Luke, Mary Magdalene is a woman who lived a sinful life and decides to visit Jesus at a Pharisee’s house. Mary weeps on His feet, wipes His feet with her long hair and pours ointment over His feet. This same representation of Mary Magdalene is seen in the painting of Massys as the weeping woman with a jar of ointment. There are three other women in the painting and two men in the right foreground of the painting; one seems to be presenting a crown of thorns to an unseen figure. Another figure in the painting also seems to be giving three nails to one of the women followers.
Lastly, in the background the viewer can see Golgotha which is the site Jesus was crucified. It is a small hill outside the walls of Jerusalem; this place today is known as Calvary which means “the place of the skull.” In the painting the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus at the same time still hang on the crosses in the background. This image of Golgotha seems to be important because it gives the viewers a clear image of where this entire scene is taking place. The murky background sets the mood of the overall painting with grief, sorrow, pain, and death. In this paper, I will demonstrate the different elements from Massys painting to the textual accounts of the four gospels and to other paintings...

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