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Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: zwilli20
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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"In The Mask"

"In the Mask" by Robert Spencer was one of the first paintings I saw
that captivated me. The painting was created using charcole, collage
and prismacolor.the colors the artist used were both startling and
intrancing. When I saw this painting I was shocked and awed. At first
it was the vibrant colors that captured my attention, but after looking
at it for a while, It was my intake on what the painting meant that
keep me looking and admiring. To me, the painting signified finding
yourself. When you have lost who you are, weither it be because of
emotions, loosing oneself emotionaly, or physically, it's pulling
yourself back together, Who you really are that matters. Seeing all of
the faded figures coming closer to the body made me picture what it may
look like when I lose myself to anger and frustration, what it looks
like when I pull myself back together...find the better parts of me.
The artist used perfect balance, it even has equal repition on both
sides of the main head. I would think that the painting was abstract.
The artist captured movement as well, the figures seem to walk into the
main body. The hands look so real, I felt as if i could reach out and
actually be touching another pair of hands. And the colors the artist
chose were perfect. The artist went from using cool colors (blue) to
using warm colors (red and orange). What was more interesting about the
painting was that the artist even wrote a poem to go with the painting:
Eye see
Purple glows……blue faces
Quiet calls……….apparitions
Tendering invitations to sacred places
I see
The inner-eye sees
The hues more clearly
The purple becomes more me
In the consecrated space
Eye see no more
In the mask
Spirit and eye are one
Spirit and eye are
Spirit is I
Spirit is
I see

After reading the poem, I realized that what i thought the poem meant
wasn't true....the painting was more...

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