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Museum of Tolerance Essay

  • Submitted by: kay1234
  • on December 6, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Museum of Tolerance

On December 3, 2008 I visited the Museum of Tolerance located in Los Angeles. While at the museum I went through a variety of different exhibits. Though the Holocaust is the main focus of the museum, there were demonstrations of other forms of tolerance. Altogether, visiting the museum was a very interesting and some what exciting experience.
The main idea at the Museum of Tolerance is in fact the Holocaust. You have a chance to walk through the office of Simon Wiesenthal, which displayed actual artifacts and furniture of that time. I also had the opportunity to hear a survivor of the Holocaust speak. And then of course there was the Holocaust Exhibit. This was a sound and light guided tour that took you through events of the Holocaust. At the end of this tour we read up on a child. This devastating event must have been very traumatizing for these children.
As told by the guest speaker who went from concentration camp to concentration camp, was separated from all of his family, and lived in these extremely over crowded places. He walked bare foot from place to place. I can only imagine   not only short term but long term affect this had on these people.
Children were especially vulnerable during the time of the Holocaust. The children that were tortured and/or killed were of a wide variety of ages and cultures. In the Holocaust 1.5 million children were killed. These children were most definitely

maltreated and neglected. These children were taken away from their parents and family and left to suffer. These children were neglected from everything, including medical care. It’s no doubt that these children suffered from failure to thrive. And I’m almost positive that a majority of the survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defined in the book as “A delayed reaction to trauma or shock.” Which results in, “hyperactivity, hyper vigilance, displaced anger, sleeplessness, sudden terror or anxiety, and confusion...

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