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music Essay

  • Submitted by: iquojxigg151
  • on December 13, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Music has many effects on the way we live and go about our daily lives. Music affects the brain, how we handle certain situations, and our over all mood. All of those are reason why music can be an effective tool in schools. Music would affect the students greatly and put them at a greater advantage for learning. The music would keep them awake, make them feel livelier, and they would come to school more often. The over all effect would be tremendous! Witch is why rock should be played in the class rooms
Music is a great tool to keep students awake. By playing lively music that is upbeat the classroom it would be an effective tool to keep students awake. By listening to the music the beat would flow trough them causing them to feel more awake and therefore able to concentrate more. Also the music would make the student want to stay awake. Instead of going to sleep the student would pay attention to the music and keep them from drifting off to sleep. By not going to sleep the student learns more in class. Therefore the effect on the student would be great, because the music kept them awake therefore they were able to learn more and were able to concentrate better. Witch is whya rock should be used in the class rooms. Rock music is a very energetic type of music that wakes you up and keeps you going all day long.
        Also music is a tool that allows the beat to flow through the student therefore making them fell more lively and active in the classroom. Once again upbeat music is ideal for keeping the student not only awake, but lively. Upbeat music flows trough the student activating both sides of the brain at the same time, making them more active, lively, and creative. This would therefore go into there work and make them get better grades than before. Also the students being livelier would affect the learning process. When students are livelier they tend to pay more attention to the teacher therefore they tend to learn more and when this happens they will be...

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