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music Essay

  • Submitted by: eiwziniau12
  • on December 14, 2008
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Does music take you breath away? When I listen to music, and my day has been going bad, music takes everything off my mind. All types of   music such as R&B, Gospel, and rock-n-roll take my breath away.   When I'm listening to music, I feel like I am on a cloud and everything around me is all right.   I don't have any worries or complaints when I am listening to my favorite types of music.

  R&B is the type of music that can help you through anything.   When your boyfriend has disappointed you or your girlfriends has lied to you about something, just play the right song and it will help you through that certain situation.   R&B stands for rhythm and blues which means a folk-based but urbanized form of black popular music that is marked bu a strong, repetitious rhythms and simple melodies.   The best R&B artist is Beyonce'.   She sings about everything that a woman goes through in a relationship.   Beyonce' is also the kind of singer whose voice is breath taking.   When she sings, you melt inside and your entire world feels okay.

  When you turn on Gospel music, what is the first thing that comes to mind?   Well depending on the song will depend on what your first thought is.   While sitting in my car, I had an enormous argument with my boyfriend Corey.   The argument was about honesty.   Once he finished saying what was on his mind, I turned the radio on to the gospel station, 104.1.   Donal Lawrence and Tri-City's hit song "Encourage yourself" came on.   That song was what I needed at that time.   Don't give up, just keep fighting and in the end you will overcome.   Gospel music is the most encouraging music out.   It helps you through problems and allows you to get closer to God.

  Rock-n-roll is officially my favorite type of music.   Its not because I am going through a stage in my life or because I want to be like everyone else, but because behind all the hard core beats there is a meaning behind all the songs.   Unlike R&B, Gospel, and even Rap music with similar...

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