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Music Analysis

  • Submitted by: schwabie06
  • on February 23, 2011
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Music as Social Commentary

  Kid Cudi is a modern hipster-intellectual hip hop artist who maintains an incredible knack for spitting dope rhythms. His career took a direct path toward the Moon when he released his mix-tape A Kid Named Cudi, unleashing a fresh new swag into the rap community that would change the face of modern rap for the 21st century.   “Embrace the Martian” is the climax of this mix-tape, with its tribal drum like beats in the background and smooth synth interjections; he creates a metaphorical emphasis on accepting the Martian in our lives. This particular song lays the foundation for who Kid Cudi really is. The song displays a mature self-awareness as he is able to say to the music world that he is different; however he calls his audience to embrace this difference, because everyone is different in their own ways. The rap community has embraced this difference as it is now common to hear synths and other unique instruments in the background of rap music. It is the song that holds the directions to the future.
  The medium for Cudi’s message is the symbolic play with the word Martian. The denotation of the term Martian puts a picture of a large-headed, green figure which looks absolutely nothing like the human race in our heads. However, underlying this initial image is the idea of being an outcast, an outsider, an unknown. Cudi knows that he is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to gaining popularity in the music industry.   Pre-empting the backlash he may receive he writes a song in which he depicts himself as being an extraterrestrial entering a new world. Coming from the rough-side of the tracks, his father died when he was eleven years old and it severely influenced his personality, he worked extra hard to be who he is today. He is “here to show you how it feels to be new” (26), as he teaches his audience that he is just like everyone else, that he comes “in peace” (37).
  Dripping with metaphors the song slides into an abstract...

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