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Music and Its Effect On Society Essay

  • Submitted by: nmwlalele
  • on December 15, 2009
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Merrisa Martys
Mrs. Sullivan
WRT 101
19 April 2009
There are many different genres of music in the world today but one thing is certain, its impact on everyones lifestyle. Music directly and indirectly defines how people feel, think, dress, and in some cases how they act.
Over the years there have been many studies and theory’s tested about the way music can change our emotions weather they are bad or good and most of these studies have proved to be true. One study in particular showed that at the age of only 4 months a child that hears music that is loud and inconsistent they tend to get aggravated and cry, yet when they hear a melodic song they laugh or give off some sense of happiness.
Furthermore rock and rap music can cause people to feel aggravated and hostile. Club and pop music tend to cause people to feel happy and often leads to dancing and excitement. Classical music can often put listeners in a calm and relaxed mood and often people use it to fall asleep.
There was another study done where scientist placed about 30 plants in a room with classical music playing and another 30 plants in room with hard rock playing. The scientists concluded that the plants placed in the room with the classical music caused the plants to grow much faster, and the plants in the room with the rock music caused the plants to slowly wilt and grow slower.  
Music has a huge impact on peoples choice of clothing. Generally people who enjoy rock music can be seen wearing tight or ripped jeans, flannel shirts, converse sneakers, big sunglasses and studded belts. Also people who enjoy rock have the tendency of expressing themselves with tattoos piercingss and crazy hairstyle trends.   People who like hip hop and rap music often wear baggy pants, oversized jerseys, bright colors, big earrings, and shoes that match any outfit. While both of these styles have managed to almost collide in recent times you can usually differentiate between the clothing styles and what music...

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