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Music Choice Essay

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vn-singles - Mhttp://www.saigon.com/~singles/archives/98/05/msg00094.htmlesg from "P. Nguyen"

On Mon, 4 May 1998, KN wrote:

> > > 1) Do you think that the older Vietnamese generation is losing touch with
> > > the younger Vietnamese Generation? Why or why not?
>   YES! The VSA at Berkeley put together a very strong performance on this
> inter-generational conflicts in their annual culture show 2 weeks ago. The
> show portrayed one important point that I don't think many parents seem to

Depending on what types of folks are running these VSA events.   I
personally think that as the years go by the second generation VNese are
losing touch with our parents/culture and most of these VSA shows no
longer communicates the messages it was intended for.   As far as parents
losing touch, there won't be a NO in this category.   You've got a set of
parents who grew up 40+ years ago in another culture and trying to raise
their kids in a totally different one, how can they not lose touch?   When
you look at the older generation VNese you also have to consider such
factors as backgrounds and education...this determines how well they are
able to assimilate and understand.

>   2) Do you believe that you are the model minority in today's society? Why
>   or why not?
>Stupid stereotype! Stereotypes divide pple and make them become their
> own victim of their beliefs.

I've never looked at America is a "different" country with it's own ethnic
group, I grew up seeing just one, like wearing a multi-color shirt, it's
still a shirt and I call it multi color I don't call it a red or black or
white shirt...   Though I realize the lines are there.   So in my eyes there
is no such thing as "model minority."   I do have a strong opinions when it
comes to African Americans who often shines the light on major achievers
and say, "she/he is the first "African" American to be this/that."
*that's* what divides the line!   Tiger Woods is...

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