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My Anaylsis and Discussion of A Rose for Emily Essay

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Below is an essay on "My Anaylsis and Discussion of A Rose for Emily" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Part 1:   Identification in “A Rose for Emily”.

Emily Grierson - Last remaining member of the first family belonging to the town of Jefferson. She can be described as old, eccentric, imperious, and possibly homicidal. She looks like an average person, small and plump. She has gray hair.   She can also be described as scary because of the way she acts.

Colonel Sartoris – Colonel Santoris is the mayor of the city in which Miss Emily lives. He can be described as sneaky because of what he did to Miss Emily in 1894.

Tobe – Miss Emily’s housekeeper and servant. He works for her and cleans up her house. He is African-American, like her.

Judge Stevens - Is eighty years old; and can be described as a mean, racist, man.

Homer Baron - A Yankee. He can be described as a big, dark, ready man. He has a deep voice and eyes lighter than his face.   He has a good sense of humor and cusses; and he is the only love of Emily’s life.   He was also a northerner, and a day laborer.

Part II:   “A Rose for Emily” Analysis and Discussion

1.   The metaphor used to describe Miss Emily in the first paragraph is a fallen monument.

2.   The house is personified in the second paragraph as coquettish. Coquettish means flirty, which means the house stood out because of its decay.

3.   In 1894, Colonel Sartoris told Miss Emily that her father had done something for the town which meant she would never have to pay her taxes.

4.   On the first of the year, the next generation of town leaders mailed Miss Emily her tax notice.

5. Faulkner describes Miss Emily in the sixth paragraph as a small, fat woman, with a spare skeleton, bloated and pallid; and eyes like lumps of coal in the dough of her face.

6.   In the beginning of Part II, Emily’s father has been dead thirty years.

7. The neighbors are complaining about a strange smell. Judge Stevens explains that it might be the smell of a dead snake or rat that...

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