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My Best Paper

  • Submitted by: jignesh2588
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Never ever trust on new drivers, they always let you down

The biggest regret I have ever made was to let my brother borrow my car, even though I knew that he was a new driver. He is my elder brother and just got his license like six months ago on Halloween .The day he got his license, I was getting some kind of hints that something scary would happen. Well I knew that he would drive my car until he got his own, so I was worried.
It was Friday november10th when my brother called me and told me he needed my car to go to work while I was in college. So I asked him ---because I knew that he worked the night before and I wondered why he was going to work again.   I just wanted to make sure he was not lying to me then he told me somebody called out from his job and he had to cover him at 1:00.   Fist   I told him to ask   ------else to get a ride and then he replied there was no one at home. So he made me come home early   and as soon as I entered my home   he   took my car   keys and drove away. After a couple of minutes my uncle and I made a plan to go see my aunt, she was a sick for couple   of   days and we   were   also   talking about my brother while our way to my aunt’s   home that he shouldn’t   had to go to   work today because he didn’t get   enough sleep and now he had to go to work   again.
We saw the big traffic in front of us and two   giant delivery trucks turning from the right lane to the left lane .So my uncle said there was must be some kind of accident that was holding the traffic. I just said it sarcastically what if it’s my brother. My uncle laughed for a moment, but his laugh didn’t stay for long when he saw my brother coming out of my car wearing his red work shirt by helped of the cop. My uncle said angrily, “Congratulations. That is your brother.”
I was shocked and said to myself it couldn’t be my brother, and then I saw him and my car in bad shape with the tow truck. My uncle pulled his car right in front of the tow truck and went towards the cop car,...

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