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My Childhood Essay

  • Submitted by: kikikiwi
  • on March 4, 2011
  • Category: English
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I was just a couple of months old my mother and her girlfriend at that time where going somewhere fancy for dinner. Earlier that day I did the usual, I ate, slept, and went in my diaper then slept some more. My parents where awesome, well in my head there where I was only a couple of months old. Later on in the day my parents where getting ready for bed they would say something like “ who’s the pretties baby in the whole wide world?” I would respond by doing something a baby would do. I always slept with my bear blanket and my favorite bottle. I would cry when they took the blanket way, they couldn’t even take my bottle to put more milk in it, I wouldn’t drink from any other bottle but that one. So it reached nighttime and my parents where almost ready to go, they where waiting for me to go to bed. I wouldn’t go to bed that easily. I was just a regular baby, I love to play with my toys and I loved to be held that was my favorite. Before my parents could go out they had to feed me first, but they where having a fight.
      “Did you get everything we need Maria?” “My mother yelled.”
      “YES!” Maria said back.
      Even though my mother yelling my other mother keep feeding me, which I was fine with. So they pack up what they needed and told my grandma “ when she wake up give her some formula” she said. They gave me a kiss and they where off. Two hours had past and I was just waking up, I was really cranky. My grandma didn’t know how to read English nor Spanish so she feed me the “formula”. I drank it like nothing. My parents come home an hour, two later they find me burping bubbles.
      Maria asked grandma, “what did you give Aisha?”
      “The formula you told me to give her, the powder right?”
      “Show me what you put in the bottle?”
      My grandma comes out and show her the box of laundry detergent.
      “What you crazy that’s for the laundry” Maria yelled.
      After they had determined why I was burping bubbles they hurried to dress me...

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