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my daughter Essay

  • Submitted by: bmstanek
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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My daughter, Madison is lying in the corner of the living room for a timeout. She continues to get up and try to walk away from the timeout corner. I grab her by the hand and gently pull her back to the corner. For a moment, she sits awkwardly on her small legs, while she continues to scream. As she begins to get up again, I start to walk quickly over to the corner, I look at her directly into her eyes, and try my hardest to look stern and tell her she needs to stay in the timeout corner until the timer buzzes. While I’m saying this she lies on the floor and starts to kick and flail her arms in every direction. I walk away as she is yelling and crying. After a very long three minutes, the timer on the microwave buzzes. I tell her that she can come out of the timeout corner and apologize for hitting me on the arm. She decides that she doesn’t want to come out of the corner and sits there quietly. After, another two minutes, she sits up on her legs and looks in my direction with a sad look that makes me want to go to her and say I’m sorry, but I know that she needs to learn it’s not okay to hit people. She starts to walk in my direction slowly while staring at the ground. When she reaches me she tries to climb up on my lap, and I gently pull her down and tell her she needs to apologize first. She looks into my eyes and says very quietly I’m sorry mommy. I proceed to tell her it’s not okay to hit people and when you do that you’re going to sit in timeout for three minutes. She says ok very quietly again. I grab her arms and pull her up to my lap.

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