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  • on December 14, 2008
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I have multiples of dream jobs that I can’t just stick to one. For me, the one of my perfect dream jobs would have to do with four small wheels, screws and bolts, a turning device to cost freely, black or different color grip tape. Skateboarding is one of the sports that drive you to push yourself to the limits. At first this sport seems quite easy and pretty simple to do but once you try it, it won’t seem so easy after. For some people they quit right they’re on the spot but for other like me know it difficult but we gain skill to know what and how to perform a performance on the board. People say that you have to be born a skateboarding skill of some sort to ride-to-ride one. No, that is not true you develop skills as you continue to an effort on what you like to do and eventually you’ll get some were. It’s just like any other skill you develop; you practice and you practice until you think/ know you got it correctly. One thing I like about it is that you’re free to go were ever you want and be-side it a that rules can’t apply to, it a unique sport that’s different from all the others. You can push the sport further and further and you won’t get tired of it. Skateboarding also, can push you to go farther than you probably ever thought you could go before.   A job in the skateboarding world I see it as a chance to brush off the portfolio, take a day off and hang out with the bigwigs in the skate industry and try get a job in that field. Unlike other jobs where they come looking for you, you have to look for this companies to get what you want from them. They just don’t just pop-up in you television screen with an ad tell you to join at this place at this time. I also I know that many top skateboarding companies are looking for new talent, and basically giving you a chance to work in the industry, instead of just skateboarding for free. Why don’t I just get paid to work for Girl Skateboards?
My second. Dream job has to do with the criminal...

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