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My Educational Experiences Essay

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After reading “The Banking Concept of Education” by Paulo Freire, I can see in my own educational experiences how teachers use the banking concepts and the problem-posing concepts as forms of teaching.   The basic idea of the Banking Concept of Education is that teachers fill students with information and the students simply accept it. There is no reciprocal learning or sharing between teacher and student. The teacher teaches and the students are taught. The teacher knows everything and the student knows nothing. Problem-posing is a tool for developing and strengthening critical thinking skills.
I remember one insistence when I was in the tenth grade, I was in algebra class when my teacher put a problem on the board and asked us to solve it. I wrote the problem down and began working on it. When he asked for someone to explain how they got the answer I raised my hand. My teacher then proceeded to call on me. I explained to him what I did to come up with, what was the correct answer. The last step I said was to subtract by four giving him the answer. He then told me I was wrong. I could not understand how or why I was wrong. I thought for sure that I had the right answer. He then proceeded to tell me I can not subtract by a number I could only multiple or divide by a number. It made me feel like I was not smart when in fact I had the correct answer. I felt like he didn’t hear any of the correct stuff I was saying he only focused on the “incorrect" statement I had made. I believe this is what made me the type of student I am today. I tend to hesitate on answering the question fearing I will say it wrong or be reprimanded for not stating it exactly the way the teacher wants to hear it.   As Freire stated in his essay, “The teacher presents himself to his students as their necessary opposites; by considering their ignorance absolute, he justifies his own experience” (244).   Students are taught to learn to accept their ignorance, as to justify the teacher. With the...

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