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My Essay

  • Submitted by: zoobs
  • on December 5, 2011
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My name is: Fahim Asefi

Preston School

Creating Video
AO1 Review of Video Clip 2

Activities 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Grading: Pass grade candidates need to list the good and not so good features.

Merit grade candidates should provide detailed explanations.

Distinction grade candidates should provide thorough explanations.

|Loading the clip and use of different components                                                                                         |
|Feature                 |Good features                                           |Not so good features                                   |
|Note: speed of loading may not be applicable to some types of clips e.g. TV adverts.                                                     |
|File format (is special |                                                       |                                                       |
|software needed to play |DVSD 720x576 25.00fps [Stream 00]                       |It would be better if they could record it with a high |
|it?)                     |This video clip doesn’t need any special software to   |quality camera.                                         |
|                         |play.   You can play it in a normal music player.       |                                                       |
|Speed of loading (is the|                                                       |                                                       |
|file size very big?) Can|The size of this video is very good normal not big not |it could be much more easier to play, if they would     |
|the file begin playing   |small just enough to play in all music players.         |spend a little bit more time on it while they were     |
|before all of it has     |                                                       |making the video.                                       |
|loaded?                 |...

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