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My Life Story Essay

  • Submitted by: Anderson909
  • on December 4, 2011
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A Beautiful Mind
In today’s world, it seems that more and more people are getting a divorce than people actually getting married.   With divorce rates on the rise, people wonder what could possibly be the problem.   Are the rates going up because people get married without thinking it over?   Do people marry just for lust and love for their partner’s looks?   Or do people marry for money, hoping for a better life?
Keeping a marriage together and going is a daunting task that, sadly, many times fails.   In the movie A Beautiful Mind, main character John Nash, has a mental challenge.   He sees things that are not real.   During the movie, John starts going to school at Princeton University and eventually teaches there.   He is approached by a person named William Parcher and is asked to help the United States government decipher coded messages in magazines and newspaper articles telling the location of a nuclear bomb from the Russians.   While this is going on, he falls in love with Alicia and marries her.   Their marriage is pushed to the limit when John’s sickness is discovered.   He undergoes intense therapy to get better.   He comes home a few months later, but still needs to take pills to stop the delusions.
While at home, he stops taking the medication and the delusions start back up again.   This time instead of them being just harmless delusions, they start to threaten the safety and lives of others.   Alicia is questioning the idea of staying with Mr. Nash or leave him with their baby to keep them both safe.   She decides to stay with John and to work the problems out.   He eventually overcomes the problems and continues to live a good life.
To keep a marriage working, the husband and wife must be able to talk to each other about anything and everything.   There can be no secrets between the two of them because this will add stress to the marriage.   Another major key thing to keep a marriage going is to have excellent communication.   Without communication, there can...

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