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My Mother And i Essay

  • Submitted by: dlwortham88
  • on December 6, 2011
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My Mother and I
My mother and I have a love-hate relationship. Our bond is similar to Amy Tan and her mothers’ relationship, in the story “Most Hateful Words”. This story is based on a chaotic, time to time, hateful relationship between her and her mother. My mother never apologizes for what she says, or does. A lot of hateful words were said amongst the two of us, some words I just recently forgiven her for. My mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago. She refuses to get treatment. As you can imagine, living with a bipolar person can be extremely difficult. While growing up, I felt confused, lonely and hated by my mother.
I was confused in my younger years, living with my mother. At times, she was happy, and then her mood changed so drastically, she became sad or angry. She never took me to see any of my family members, and when I asked why, she said,” They don’t love us “. I wanted to ask her “Why didn’t they love us?” but the look on her face, changed my mind immediately. I dreaded going home. I would keep myself busy in school, participating in drama club, book clubs, dance etc. Being at school made me feel appreciated, I had friends and I felt loved. But when I went home, I instantly became depressed. I was confused, I didn’t know why my mom was always sad, and I didn’t know why I was suffering from it.
While getting older, I started to feel lonely being with my mother. She always seemed angry and irritated. The majority of the time, I never said anything to her. When I did say something, it bothered her. So I just kept quiet. It was almost as if we were just there, not acknowledging one another. But, when it came to her men, she was the happiest person alive. She did any and everything for her men. They never did the same in return, but she didn’t mind. No one compared to her men, not even me.
It wasn’t until I turned 12, when I realized my mother hated me. She would yell at me for no reason at all. She picked on me a lot. She would say...

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