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My name is ENkidu Essay

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  • on November 30, 2009
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My Name Is Enkidu
My name is Enkidu; I was pinched from the clay that my mother threw into the wildnerness!
My body is shaggy with hair and my strength rivals that of Ninurta,
I know neither people, nor civilization, the grass I graze on is suitable for all my animals.
My name is Enkidu; my mother created me to be the counterpart of the great King of Uruk,
where the Eanna Temple wall gleams with copper is where the King of Uruk stays!
He built this great temple with his own hands and he had knowledge of all!
The Tyrant! The self loathing Tyrant! He knows his strength, and he boasts to all!
He struts his power over all and does not leave a girl to her betrothed.
My name is Enkindu; I gained this knowledge through the harlot Shamhat.
In the forest I was deceived, decieved by her voluptuousness, and for six nights and seven days I
did not know anyone but her! Her beauty deceived me, and from the forest I was banished!
My brethren shunned me for all eternity because of her and with them I could no longer roam.
My name is Enkidu; to see King Gilgamesh we went.
The seven jugs of beer made me sing, sing with joy to all the shepherds. This is a festive time,
a time for a wedding. The ways of Gilgamesh must be stopped and at the doorway I will stand.
Gilgamesh was not pleased and attacked me. We fought, we fought, and we fought until the light
of the new day broke through the sky. I knew in my heart that he was my friend.
My name is Enkidu; Gilgamesh is my friend.
“The terror to human beings must be taught a lesson,” said my friend. I knew who that terror
was. The great Humbaba, the guardian of the Cedar Forest! My friend only wanted to make a
name for himself; I know the road, so I must lead. I must lead him to Humbaba.
My name is Enkidu; I must protect my friend.
We walked and Gilgamesh dreamed.   The dreams were vivid and wild.   Humbaba would die.
My name is Enkidu; we arrived at the forest’s edge.
Humbaba saw us both and knew why we were...

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