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My Siblings And My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: kyhree
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kyhree McKenzie
Ms. Murphy
A/D 090                          
                                        My Siblings and My Life
    My siblings had both positive and negative effects on my life. First, my experience with my younger brother, who is two years younger than I, had both a positive and negative effect because although we had good times together, there were other times when it was my responsibility to watch after him, which interfered with my social life. Secondly, my experience with my sister had both a positive and negative effect because, although I met her when she was 10 and is now the age of 12, I’ve managed to gain a moderate relationship with her. Lastly, between the two of my younger siblings, I have managed to maintain a healthy relationship with the both of them, despite the positives or negatives.                                                                                                                                          
      My experience with my brother was positive because he help me to be a leader and more responsible. Also I had great times with him when we was little, playing around in the backyard with BB guns. But the negative part was when I took him places with me, and I had to make sure I watched over him. For example, there was one time when we went to the park, but there I got bored and wanted to visit my friend. So we did, but didn’t tell my mother and one of my brother’s friends was looking for him. My mother told him we had gone to the park. But when he didn’t see us there, he told my mother. She gave me and my brother a “butt whooping” for leaving the park without letting her know, where we was going.                                                
        My experience with my little sister was a bit different than with my brother, because I didn’t meet her until she was ten years old. The reason behind that is that she has a different mother but the same father as I do and I was finally able to see her...

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