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Mysticism In Walt Whitman Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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Tripti Goswami
VI Semester
Roll: 14
B.A. English Hons.




Mysticism   is   the   pursuit   of   communion   with   identity,   or   with conscious   awareness   of   an   ultimate   reality,   divinity,   spiritual truth,   or   God   through   direct   experience,   intuition   or   insight.   It usually   centers   on   a   practice   or   practices   intended   to   nurture that   experience or   awareness.   Walt   Whitman   in   his writings   presents   with   an   unsystematic   and   intuitive   thought   of   a   mystic.   Even   though   influenced   by   oriental   mysticism,   Whitman’s   beliefs   were   quite   the   contrary.   A   mystic   is   a   person   who   believes   in   the   existence   of   soul,   in   the   existence   of   God   or   the   Divine   Spirit,   in   the   immortality   of   the   human   soul,   and   in   the   capacity   of   human   being   to   establish   an   intercourse   or   communication   between   his   spirit   and   the   Divine   Spirit.   Walt   Whitman   is   truly   a   mystic   in   these   respects,   as   he   himself   clearly   states   in   this   poem-   Song of Myself:
“I believe in you my soul”
But   while   the   oriental   mystic   believes   that   an   intercourse between   his   spirit   and   the   Divine   Spirit   is   possible   only through   his   mortification   or   the   conquest   of   the   senses   and   the   physical   appetites,   Whitman   believes   that   the   spiritual   experience   is   possible   and   even   desirable   without   sacrificing   the   senses   in   the   least.   Whitman   is   a   mystic   while   being   at   the   same   time   a   celebrant   of   sex   and   the   senses.

Walt   Whitman   (May 31, 1811 – March 26, 1892)   was   not   just   a   poet   but   also   an   essayist,   journalist   and   humanist.   He   was   a   part   of   the   transition   between   transcendentalism   and   realism,   incorporating   both   views   in   his   works.   Whitman   is   one   among   the   most   influential   poets   in   the   American   canon. He wrote,   “ The   proof   of   a   poet   is   that   his   country   absorbs   him...

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