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myths Essay

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It was a beautiful day today in Sumeria, the breeze was so peaceful and the smell of fresh air was wonderful. It finally had rained, so I knew it was going to be a great day. It doesn’t rain much here so it is hard for my crops to grow. I knew today my beans would grow. I was not rich or was not born into a wealthy family, so my dream of becoming the Queen of Sumeria was very slim. My dream was to rule everything and everyone. It was very unlikely that a woman would rule this city, but I am going to change and make history. Men in Sumeria saw women as the ones to cook, clean and make babies. I had no interest in that at all. I wanted to be the ruler. No one knew that I was a woman, but my parents. I posed like a man. Women were supposed to have long, black hair. I cut my hair off wore a hat and dressed like a man. No one ever could tell that I was really a woman. I knew it was all worth it. I wanted people of Sumeria to bow down to me, come to me for important decisions, and depend on me. I would be a great King, well actually Queen. I knew I could do the job I am very smart and can make good decisions, and of course I knew how to lay down the law. I would be the best. Convincing the Sumerians would be easy. Here’s how I convinced them.
Like I said, it did not rain much so it was hard for farmers to grow crops to feed their families. I was the only one who could grow beans instantly. I had a certain type of crop that no one else knew what it was. It only had to rain one time and the next day I would have thousands of beans. Sumerians would line up at my door that night. They would pay almost anything for my beans. Men wanted to look good for their families, so they would by bundles of beans to make the happy. I sold so many beans I was finally becoming the richest women, well man, in Sumeria. Sumerians knew that they could depend on me. I was the only one who could give the Sumerians beans like this. They were so delicious and soft. I would be perfect as their...

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