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Napoleon Essay

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Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant

Napoleon Bonaparte of Corsica, ran France for over __ years and became extremely close to taking over all of Europe. He was a power-hungry individual who fought countless wars to gain power. Although he was a very smart and a master planner, he used his abilities for the wrong reason and for his own personal gain. Napoleon set in place the Napoleonic code to grant the people of France certain freedoms, which were not exactly granted. He fought the many "Napoleonic Wars" which caused countless deaths. These wars were also very costly and put France in debt for many years to follow.

During Napoleon's reign he fought many wars, which many call the "Napoleonic Wars". Napoleon and his indomitable ego certainly lengthened the wars, and like most other leaders of that era, his actions caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands. Although Napoleon fought these wars, it seems as though he did it to conquer land and become more powerful instead of for his people. It didn't seem as though he cared for his people much. There was undeniable evidence of inordinate personal ambition. The first war was the "First Coalition" which left almost all of Europe in a bloody struggle, and spilled over into Egypt, South America and America. During this time, weaponry evolved and armies were using "Congreve Rockets". He created a campaign to weaken the British and cut off all its trade with Europe. But, contrary to Napoleons intentions, the British ended up trading with Africa and India expanding their economy. The "Second Coalition" involved Britain, Russia, Austria and Sweden. As Napoleon defeat the Austrians and the Prussians, he made the mistake of making his brother, Joseph Bonaparte king, causing revolt and what was known as a Guerrilla war in Spain. Even though large numbers of Napoleons troops were in Spain, he still decided to invade Russia with an army of 500 000 and although he defeated the Russians, many of his men were killed. This proves that...

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