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Napoleon I Essay

  • Submitted by: bigguy19
  • on December 16, 2008
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Napoleon I Essay
During the reign of Napoleon, he did things many things to help him control France. One of those things just happened to be censorship. Napoleon censored newspapers, plays, books, and sermons to help control France. By censoring those things, it helped to cast him in a favorable light, control public opinion, and influenced the public so they would be less able to oppose ideas and politics.
One reason of how censorship aided Napoleon was it helped to cast him in a favorable light. Censoring things made Napoleon seem like he wasn’t weak because he always made sure nothing bad was printed about him, the country of France, or England. On June 1, 1805 Napoleon sent a letter to Fouché stating; “I would like newspaper editors [to have] enough sense not to publish news harmful to the nation. The attention of the papers ought to be directed toward attacking England—English fashions, English customs, English literature, the English constitution. . . .” Censoring things like that helped Napoleon make him and the country seem perfect because there were no complaints about him or the country.
Another reason of how censorship aided Napoleon was that it helped control public opinion. By controlling public opinion, Napoleon could basically make decisions about the morals and beliefs of the public. Since there were only documents and plays that only contained what Napoleon wanted there was always opinions that reflected Napoleon’s beliefs. “He is to send me every first and sixth day, between five and six o’clock, a list of all the bills, advertisements, etc. which deserve attention, as well as anything that has come to his knowledge, and anything that has been done or said in the various institutes, or important trials, that might be of interest from a political and moral point of view.” Napoleon sent this letter to Citizen Ripault and by doing this only his morals and beliefs were put out.
The last reason of how censorship aided Napoleon during his reign was...

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