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Napoleon BonaparteS Rise To The Top Essay

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  • on December 12, 2008
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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Rise to the Top:
            The Short Lived Reign of Europe’s Most Powerful Man

                  Many scholars and historians alike throughout history have regarded Napoleon Bonaparte as a power driven monster for his antics and sky high goals.   Napoleon looked at these goals as being reasonable and within his reach as they only required the drive and passion of a strong leader.   Despite his minuscule size and his background as a petty descendent of the Italian Corsica, he would eventually grow to become the almighty Emperor of the West and ruler of all of Europe.   Napoleon Bonaparte is a prime example of a man who reached for the impossible and achieved his dreams, even if these dreams were only lived for a short time.   No matter how the History books regard Napoleon, his achievements and strengths cannot be denied and will continue to inspire anyone seeking the courage to rise to the top.
Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, on Corsica. His father, Carlo Maria Bonaparte, decided that his first son, Giuseppe, later becoming Joseph, would be an intellectual, and would make his second son, Napoleon, a soldier. Stories are told that he would go to the citadel every night to watch what happened, and once ended up organizing a gang of urchins to fight with the boys from the faubourg1 (Castelot, P. 4).   Between the age of 9 and 10, Napoleon attended two well known military academies: The Collège d’Autun, and the military academy at Brienne.   It was there that he ended up being tormented so badly by his classmates for being a foreigner and having an accent, that he changed his name from Napoleon Buonaparte to the French spelling, Napoleon Bonaparte.   In 1784, he was accepted to the elite military academy Ècole Militaire.   He excelled in his studies and made a name for himself as he graduated within a only a year of being accepted.   At the age of sixteen, he was made a second Lieutenant of the artillery in the French...

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