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Narrative Essay

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What We Wish for Is Not Meant To Be
After my recent experience with a family member’s death, I realized that each person should be cautious about not cherishing some of our loved ones. If we don’t in a blink of an eye, they are gone and all you can remember of them is memories you shared with them while they was alive.
For the past couple of weeks Amber and her mother weren’t on good terms. They argued and disagreed on many things. One day Amber decided to leave for a couple of days to have some peace. Amber and her mother got into it again while she was packing her clothes, but for some particular reason all I remember hearing from Amber’s mouth was,” You wish I as dead anyway, so I hope I die and your life will be better without me in it.”   After repeating that over and over again in my head, I can remember how tragic and upsetting the incident was to many of us.
Four years ago, I lost one of my most outgoing cousins in the world during of summer 2006.   On August 3, 2006, Amber was taken away from this world by a bad car accident. When we heard the news, many people around me just broke down and cried. However, it was a terrible and horrifying way she died that hurt us the most. The police report said the two victims’ were being chased followed by a male driver with a young lady on the passenger side. As stated it was told that the man came to pick her up to take her home and the car was stolen. The police saw the stolen car and turned on the lights signal him to slow down and stop; but the man didn’t stop he began to speed up. He came around the curve running past the speed limit. Without paying any attention he ran into a tree and neither had seat belts on. She flew through the window shield and a tree stomp went through the back of her head. They air lifted her to Greenville Memorial.
The man survived but he was shipped to Self Memorial Hospital to get check. (By the time Amber got to the hospital she was pronounced dead.)The policemen and F.B.I. agents...

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